STUDIO ONE Showcase: The Sound Of Studio One In The 1970s

“Studio One Showcase brings together a new fine selection of classic tracks from Horace Andy, Freddy McGregor, Johnny Osbourne, Lone Ranger, Sugar Minott, The Heptones, Wailing Souls and other seminal reggae artists all recorded at Studio One in the 1970s.
By the start of the 1970s, Clement Dodd’s Studio One record label was at a crossroads. The previous two decades had given the producer and record label more success than most aspired to in a lifetime. From the mid-1950s on, the Downbeat Soundsystem had conquered all opponents – from Duke Reid to Prince Buster – and shaped and led the musical landscape of the dancehall. In the 1960s, the establishment of Studio One Records at 13 Brentford Road in Kingston, Jamaica, had led to a Ford Motors-esque production line of hits that similarly defined reggae music.
But the 1970s was to prove Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd’s most challenging and yet ultimately the most creative decade of all. Like the most zealous and resourceful of pioneers, Studio One was about to embark on a stunning era of reinvention, adaptation, stripping down and versioning, each step of which marked new musical developments in reggae music – roots reggae, deejay, dancehall, rub a dub and more.
This album presents an overview of this exciting and ground-breaking decade of the 1970s at Studio One, during an era where, despite challenges from new producers, political turmoil, and almost constant musical and technological innovations in reggae, Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd was able to maintain his position as the pioneering leader in reggae music, and to maintain Studio One is the number one sound in reggae music. Always.”

 Track List :

1. See A Man's Face 02:28
2. Right On Rasta 03:07
3. Jah Dread 03:57
4. What About Me 03:19
5. Time To Be Happy 05:35
6. Stick Together 05:21
7. Have No Fear 02:44
8. Just Another Day 08:19
9. Chuky Skank 02:39
10. Bredda Labba Labba 02:43
11. Stay With Me 02:20
12. People A Watch Me 03:26
13. Tribulation 03:41
14. Hard To Confess 02:42
15. Fish Tea 02:57
16. Ain't No Love 02:09
17. Send Another Moses 06:03
18. Joy In The Morning

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01 Dub Specialist - Cairo
02 Dub Specialist - Lourenço Marques
03 Dub Specialist - Callie Roots
04 Dub Specialist - Libra Dub
05 Dub Specialist - Dakar
06 Dub Specialist - Better Dub
07 Dub Specialist - Rockers Hop
08 Dub Specialist - Roots Dub
09 Dub Specialist - Moving Dub
10 Dub Specialist - Just Can't Dub
11 Dub Specialist - Meet 7 Milliion
12 Dub Specialist - Scorpio Dub
13 Dub Specialist - Nairobi
14 Dub Specialist - Dub Creation
15 Dub Specialist - Virgo Dub
16 Dub Specialist - This Race
17 Dub Specialist - Darker Black
18 Dub Specialist - Capricorn Dub
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Derrick Harriott -Rocksteady- 1966-1969

  Superb collection of Derrick Harriott / Crystal productions from the late sixties, most, if not all previously reissued on 7" vinyl by Japan's Dub Store.  Harriott, dapper in his "Beatle" suit on the cover, began as a singer with the Jiving Juniors in the early sixties and expanded into production in the latter half of the decade scoring local hits with such stone classics as Stop That Train and Tonight with Keith & Tex, killer instrumentals such as Step Softly by Bobby Ellis and Illya Kuryakin by Ike Bennett as well as his own hits such as The Loser and Do I Worry, all here, alongside collector's pieces like Junior Soul's (Murvin) Glendevon Special,  and Keith& Tex's proto roots Run To The Rocks.  Harriott's productions were always clean, musical and among the best of their time.

Track Listing:

Side One:
1. Step Softly - Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Miles Seven
2. Reach Out I'll Be There - Derrick Harriott
3. Glendevon Special - Junior Soul
4. Now We Know - Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Miles Seven

Side Two:
5. Do I Worry - Derrik Harriott
6. Tonight - Keith & Tex
7. Feeling Peckish - Bobby Ellis & The Jets
8. Heartbreak Girl - Noel brown
9. All Night - David Anthony

Side Three:
10. Hypnotizing Eyes - Keith & Tex
11. Shuntin - Bobby Ellis & The Crystalites
12. The Loser - Derrik Harriott
13. Magic Touch - Junior Soul
14. The Emperor - Bobby Ellis & The Jets

Side Four:
15. The Hustler - Junior Soul
16. Illya Kuryankin - Ike Bennet & The Crystalites
17. Man's Temptation - Noel Brown
18. Run To The Rocks - Keith & Tex
19. It's All Right - Derrick Harriott

More Info by -http://www.dubvendor.co.uk

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The Paragons - On The Beach With The Paragons (1967-1982)

Disc 1
01 - On The Beach
02 - Island In The Sun
03 - When The Lights Are Low
04 - The Tide Is High
05 - Love Brings Pain
06 - Only A Smile
07 - I'll Be Back
08 - Happy Go Lucky Girl
09 - Yellow Bird
10 - I' Ll Be Back
11 - Talking Love
12 - We Were Meant To Be
13 - Mercy Mercy Mercy
14 - The Same Song
15 - You Mean The World To Me
16 - Riding A High And Windy Day
17 - A Silver Bird
18 - My Best Girl
19 - (I'm A) Worried Man
20 - The Land Of Sun And Sea
21 - Memories By The Score
22 - The Number One For Me
23 - Left With A Broken Heart
24 - I've Got To Get Away
25 - Equality And Justice
26 - You Mean So Much To Me
27 - Maybe Someday
28 - I Want To Be With You
29 - On The Beach (Medley)

Disc 2
01 - Blackbird Singing (Feat. Rosalyn Sweat)
02 - Always (Feat. Rosalyn Sweat)
03 - Mother Nature (Feat. Rosalyn Sweat)
04 - The World Is A Ghetto (Feat. Rosalyn Sweat)
05 - Unforgettable You (Feat. Rosalyn Sweat)
06 - Dance With Me
07 - Do The Best Thing
08 - Smile It's A New Day
09 - Do Right My Brothers And Sisters
10 - Talk To The People
11 - Feel Alright
12 - Why Can't I Have My Way
13 - Love Vibration
14 - Never Will I Hurt You (Feat. Tyrone Evans Solo)
15 - Come A Little Closer
16 - That's All I Want
17 - Maddening Crowd
18 - I Need Her
19 - (I Know A) Place Called Zion
20 - Heaven And Earth
21 - Positive Movements
22 - The First Time I Saw You
23 - Life Spoilers
24 - Dirty Streets

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Hora del Rudeboy Temp#17 Episodio #3 -Jam Musik-Ska Jazz

La dosis perfecta para deleitar tus oídos y empezar el otoño con las novedades musicales más exquisitas actualmente realizadas.
Hora del Rudeboy Podcast – Temporada 17 – Episodio 3 Ska Jazz & Sonidos Jamaicanos presentamos desde U.K The Indecisions –Manifiesto Ska Jazz (Chile )King Stafa –Ska Jazz (Mex)
KSoul (Francia) WHSKS (Alemania) The Phantoms (Noruega) esto y mucho mas .
No se diga  más A escucharle ¡skankerss!

Descárgalo desde Mediafire (Enlace Directo)

Escúchalo Online Mixcloud 
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Hora del Rudeboy TEM17-#2 -SKA ADDICTED VOL 1 MIXTAPE

Track List: Lado A
01-    Kale manners - Kill the boss
02-    Mary Ann - Sans racune
03-    Bba Grön - Mamma pappa barn
04-    The Living End & Yeah Yeah -Out Of This Game
05-    The Kingpins- Spy vs. Spy
06-    Johnny Socko - If I Didn't Have A Goiter
07-    Kim Stevenson and The Echos - Going With Him
08-    The Sideburns - Mika's Dream
09-    Super Agente86 – Memorias de Jamaica

Track List: Lado B
01-    Ringleader -Try Me.
02-    - Sly boots- Infiltrator.
03-    Unsteady – Bad Attitude
04-    The Jamons –Ska Pirates
05-    The Cryptic Lanes -Blurred Vision
06-    Who we Dat  - Manana
07-    Un Kuartito – La postal
08-    Viva ! Mal Apache – Hey Santera
09-    Skabiosis – Marea 

Hora Del Rudeboy #17 Episode 1 Podcast 2016

Listen Online MIXCLOUD



Radio Track List
byNo hay tu Tia
2.A las Barricadas
byNo hay tu Tia
byWinston Francis& The High Notes
byWinston Francis& The High Notes
5.A Litle More Oil in My Lamp
byWinston Francis& The High Notes
6.Shuffle The Shoes -Instrumental
byQuantic&The Flowering Infierno
7.1000 Watts feat Christopher Ellis
byQuantic&The Flowering Infierno
8.Everybody Dance Remix
byRichie Stephens& The Ska Nation Band
9.Jamaica Sunshine Remix
byRichie Stephens& The Ska Nation Band
10.Internacionally feat Sud Sound System
byRichie Stephens& The Ska Nation Band

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Studio One Dub Fire Special (Chapter 3)

 1     Cairo    
2     Lourenço Marques    
3     Callie Roots    
4     Libra Dub    
5     Dakar    
6     Better Dub    
7     Rockers Hop    
8     Roots Dub    
9     Moving Dub    
10     Just Can't Dub    
11     Meet 7 Milliion    
12     Scorpio Dub    
13     Nairobi    
14     Dub Creation    
15     Virgo Dub    
16     This Race    
17     Darker Black    
18     Capricorn Dub

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Coxsone's Music 2: The Sound Of Young Jamaica MoreCuts From The Vaults Of Studio One 1959-63

A1 –Roald Alphonso & His Alley Cats*     - Jerk Pork    
A2   –Neville Esson     Lover's Jive    
A3  –Monty & The Cyclones*     Lazy Lou    
A4  –Owen Gray     Get Drunk    
A5 –Monty & The Cyclones*     Dog It    
A6  –Clancy Eccles     More Proof    
A7 –Jazz Jamaica From The Workshop     Exodus    
A8 –Clue J And His Blues Busters*     Swanee River Rock    
B1 –Delroy Wilson     Spit In The Sky    
B2 –Roland Alphonso     Federal Special    
B3 –Owen Gray     Grandma Grandpa    
B4 –Don Drummond     Cuban Blockade    
B5–Theophilus Beckford With Clue J & His City Slickers*     Little Lady    
B6–Jazz Jamaica From The Workshop     Away From You    
C1 –Clancy Eccles With Hersan & His City Slickers*     I Live & I Love    
C2     –Roland Alphonso & His Alley Cats     Hully Gully Rock    
C3 –Delroy Wilson     Lion Of Judah    
C4 –Tommy McCook     Two For One    
C5 –The Maytals     Sweet Sweet Jenny    
C6 –Down Beat All Stars     Grand National    
C7 –Owen Gray With Hersan & His City Slickers*     Sinners Weep & Mourn    
D1 –Tommy McCook     Peanut Vendor    
D2 –The Maytals     Shining Light    
D3 –Lascelles Perkins With Clue J & His Blues Blasters*     Lonely Moments    
D4 –The Maytals     Six & Seven Books Of Moses    
D5 –Jazz Jamaica From The Workshop     It Happens    
D6 –Bunny & Skully     Don't Do It    
E1 –Don Drummond     Scrap Iron    
E2–Lascelles Perkins & Clue J & His Blues Busters*     Creation    
E3–The Skatalites     Don't Slam The Door    
E4 –The Rhythm Aces (3)     Joybells Of Independance    
E5 –Roland Alphonso     Jack Ruby    
E6 –The Maytals     Hallelujah    
E7 –The Wailers     Habits    
F1 –Tommy McCook     Wheel & Turn    
F2–Busty & Cool     Kingston To Mo'bay    
F3 –Jazz Jamaica From The Workshop     Mr Propman    
F4 –Higgs & Wilson     Mighty Man    
F5–Tommy McCook And Roland Alphonso     Trotting In    
F6 –Bunnie & Skitter With Count Ossie & His Wareikas*     Cool Breeze    
F7–The Mellow Larks     Light Of My Life 
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Studio One Showcase (The Sound Of Studio One In The 1970s)

A1     –Horace Andy     See A Man's Face     2:26
A2     –Cedric "Im" Brooks & Count Ossie     Right On Rasta     3:08
A3     –Prince Jazzbo     Jah Dread     3:56
A4     –Myrna Hague     What About Me     3:18
A5     –Michigan & Smiley     Time To Be Happy     5:36
B1     –The Wailing Souls*     Stick Together     5:20
B2     –Sugar Minott     Have No Fear     2:44
B3     –Judah Eskender Tafari     Just Another Day     8:21
B4     –Dillinger     Chuky Skank     2:38
C1     –Freddie McGregor     Bredda Labba Labba     2:42
C2     –Frankie Wilmott     Stay With Me     2:20
C3     –Johnny Osbourne     People A Watch Me     3:25
C4     –The Gladiators     Tribulation     3:42
C5     –The Heptones     Hard To Confess     2:43
D1     –Lone Ranger     Fish Tea     2:56
D2     –Jennifer Lara     Ain't No Love     2:08
D3     –The Willows (2)     Send Another Moses     6:02
D4     –The Gaylads & The Brentford Disco Set*     Joy In The Morning     7:31

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The Gladiators - Studio One SINGLES

A1     Fling It Gimme    
A2     Sonia    
A3     Solas    
A4     Dub Ina Babylon    
A5     A Prayer To Thee    
A6     Version Of Prayer    
A7     Jah Jah (Version)    
B1     Boy In Long Pants    
B2     Boy In Long Pants Part Two   
B3     Bongo Red   
B4     Bongo Version   
B5     Beautiful Locks   
B6     Sufferation Version   
C1     Roots Natty    
C2     Culture    
C3     Rearrange    
C4     Mister Baldwin    
C5     Mister Baldwin Part 2    
C6     Big Boo Boo Day    
C7     Boo Boo Day Version    
D1     Pretending 12"    
D2     Don't Fool The Young Girls    
D3     Don't Fool The Young Girls Version    
D4     Happy Man 12"
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Dub Specialist ‎– Version Dread: 18 Dub Hits From Studio One

    Ernest Wilson And Sound Dimension     Why Oh Why Version   
-Sound Dimension     Fire Coal Version    
–Winston Rodney And The New Establishment     Creation Version   
–Sound Dimension     Please Be True Version   
–Willie Williams* And Brentford Rockers     Armagideon Version    
–The Soul Vendors     Born To Dub    
–Sound Dimension     Pick Up Version    
–Lloyd Robinson And Brentford Disco Set     It Deep, Pt. 2    
–Sound Dimension     Version Dread    
–Sound Dimension     Declaration Version    
–The Soul Vendors     Things A Come Up To Dub    
–Sound Dimension     Zion Lion    
–Cornell Campbell And Brentford Rockers     Natty Rub A Dub    
–The Heptones And Sound Dimension     Give Me This Version    
–The New Establishment     Fire Version    
–Basil Daley     Hold Me Baby, Pt. 2    
–Sound Dimension     Train Is Coming, Pt. 2    
–The New Establishment     New Broom, Part 2    
–Ernest Ranglin And Sound Dimension, The*     Surfing (Extended Mix)    
–The New Establishment     Never Give Version (Extended Mix)
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A1 –Dub Specialist -Banana Walk    
A2 –Sound Dimension -Rockfort Rock    
A3 –The Soul Vendors -Death In The Arena    
A4 –Sound Dimension -Real Rock    
A5 –Jackie Mittoo -Freak Out    
A6 –Brentford All Stars -Throw Me Corn (10" Mix)    
B1 –Don Drummond -Man In The Street    
B2 –Sound Dimension -Heavy Rock    
B3 –Sound Dimension -Baby Face    
B4 –Brentford All Stars -Race Track    
B5 –Tommy McCook -Tunnel One    
B6 –Brentford All Stars -Throw Me Corn (1987 Mix) 
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MOJO -Studio One Selector - Repost

01-Johnny Osbourne    We Need Love
02-Jackie Mittoo    Get Up And Get It   
03-Ernest Ranglin    Surfin   
04 - Scientist -Bionic Dub
05-Bob Marley And The Wailers    Simmer Down   
06-The Gaylads    Africa
07-Lone Ranger    The Answer
08-Jackie Mittoo And The Soul Brothers   
09-Lloyd And Devon    Push Push   
10-The Eternals    Queen Of The Minstrels   
11-Delroy Wilson    I Want Justice   
12-Lloyd Williams    Reggae Feet   
13-Michigan And Smiley    Nice Up The Dance
14-The Skatalites    Coconut Rock   
15-Sugar Minott    Hang On Natty
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Various Artists - When Rhythm Was King - Repost

Playlist :
Michigan & Smiley - Compliment To Studio One (Alternate Mix)
Alexander Henry - Please Be True
Ernest Wilson - Why Oh Why
Basil Daley - Hold Me Baby
Dillinger - Natty Kung Fu
Sugar Minott - Come On Home
Bob Andy - Unchained (Original Mix)
Ernest Wilson - Undying Love
Carlton & The Shoes - Me And You
Alton Ellis - Mad Mad
The Bassies - Things A Come Up To Bump
The Wailing Souls - Back Out With It
Johnny Osbourne - Can't Buy Love
Dennis Brown - Created By The Father (Extended Mix)
Al Campbell - Take A Ride
The Silvertones - Smile (Alternate Mix)
The Heptones - Fattie Fattie
Cedric Im Brooks & Dave - Candid Eye
The Wailing Souls - Back Out With It (Extended Version) *
Al Campbell & Lone Ranger - Take A Ride/Automatic (Extended Version) *
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Roland Alphonso ‎– Humpty Dumpty - Singles collection 1960-62

Track List :
A1     Bridge View - Aka Bridgeview Shuffle    
A2     Humpty Dumpty    
A3     Corn Bread And Butter    
A4     Feel So FIne    
A5     Mean To Me    
A6     Shuffling Jug    
A7     Another Moses    
A8     Hully Gully Rock    
A9     Blackberry Brandy    
B1     Marjorie    
B2     Sweetie Pie    
B3     Green Door    
B4     My Forty Five    
B5     Proof Rum    
B6     We'll Meet    
B7     Back Beat    
B8     Four Corners Of The World    
B9     Romantic Shuffle


Derrick Morgan - The Singles Collection

Track List :
1-1 –Derrick Morgan     Fat Man    
1-2 –Derrick Morgan     I'm Gonna Leave You    
1-3 –Derrick Morgan & The Ebonies     Don't Cry    
1-4 –Derrick Morgan & The Ebonies     I Pray For You    
1-5 –Derrick Morgan & Duke Reid & His Group*     Lover Boy    
1-6 –Derrick Morgan & Duke Reid & His Group*     Oh My!    
1-7 –Derrick Morgan, Trenton Spence Orchestra*     Now We Know    
1-8 –Derrick Morgan, Trenton Spence Orchestra*     Nights Are Lonely    
1-9 –Derrick Morgan & Clue J*     Leave Earth    
1-10 –Derrick Morgan & Clue J*     Wigger Wee Shuffle    
1-11 –Derrick Morgan With Drumbago All Stars     Shake A Leg -Written-By – Campbell*
1-12 –Derrick Morgan With Drumbago All Stars     Golden Rule    
1-13 –Derrick Morgan     Sunday Monday    
1-14 –Derrick Morgan     Be Still    
1-15 –Derrick Morgan With Busters Group*     Don't You Know Little Girl    
1-16 –Derrick Morgan, Busters Group*     Come On Over    
1-17 –Derrick Morgan, Busters Group*     Come Back My Darling    
1-18 –Derrick Morgan, Busters Group*     Terrible Headache    
2-1 –Derrick Morgan, Busters Group*     Isabella    
2-2 –Derrick Morgan & Yvonne*     Meekly Wait    
2-3 –Derrick Morgan & Yvonne*     Day In Day Out    
2-4 –Derrick Morgan     In My Heart    
2-5 –Derrick Morgan & Patsy*     Are You Going To Marry Me?    
2-6 –Derrick Morgan & Patsy*     Troubles    
2-7 –Derrick Morgan, Busters Group*     Should Be Ashamed    
2-8 –Derrick Morgan, Busters Group*     Marjorie    
2-9 –Derrick Morgan With Duke Reid Group     Joybells    
2-10 –Derrick & Denzil With Duke Reid Group     Going Down To Canaan    
2-11 –Derrick Morgan     Travel On    
2-12 –Derrick Morgan     Teach Me Baby    
2-13 –Derrick Morgan     The Hop    
2-14 –Derrick Morgan     Tell It To Me    
2-15 –Derrick Morgan     Forward March    
2-16 –Derrick Morgan With Eric Morris*     Please Don't Talk About Me    
2-17 –Derrick Morgan     Cherry Home    
2-18 –Derrick Morgan     See And Blind    


Federal Records -1964-1982 -The Definitve Collection-Repost

 2 Disc in one Link
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NOEL "SCULLY" SIMMS Legendary Singer & Percussionist in the Jamaican Music-Needs Help

FOR MORE INFO AT - https://www.youcaring.com/noel-scully-simms-601444
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Rock A Shacka #19: You'll Never Know: 18 Caribou Ska Selection Repost

1    Laurel Aitken - Boogie Rock       
2    Rico - Omara Special       
3    Lord Tanamo - In the Mood for Ska       
4    Pat & Roxie - Way of Fortune       
5    Don Drummond - Bellevue Special       
6    Don Drummond - No More       
7    Lord Tanamo - You'll Never Know       
8    Roy Panton - Please Take Me Home       
9    Pat & Roxie - The Things That I Do       
10    Orville Alphonso - Bellylick       
11    The Mighty Vikings - Up & Down       
12    Lord Tanamo - I Love You Truly       
13    Lord Brynner - Lock and Key       
14    Orville Alphonso - Inspiration       
15    The Mighty Vikings - Ska 65        
16    Roy Panton - Smoke Without Fire        
17    Lord Tanamo - If You Were Only Mine        
18    Lord Brynner - Yvonne
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Rock A Shacka #18 -Big Dub - Glen Brown Meets King Tubby

1 -Dubs Lives    
2 -Big Dub Rocks    
3 -Dread Dread Dub    
4 -Prince On Dub    
5 -The Collie Man    
6 -Dub Happening    
7 -Hit Me Forward    
8 -Trouble Not Dub    
9 -Lets Dub
10 -The Clean Dub    
11 -Day After Dub    
12 -Greatest Dub    
13 -Good Dub    
14 -Dub Special    
15 -Falling Dub


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